Destination Jamaica

The Beautiful Island of Jamaica in Style…Once You Go, You Know!

South Coast July 21, 2009

Treasure Beach

Treasure Beach

If this is your first visit to this part of Jamaica, you will experience a genteel way of life which bespeaks of their British history.

The South Coast is an expansive area with different terrains. From the peaceful and verdant hill town of Mandeville to the black sand beaches of Treasure Beach or Black River, you will experience the warmth and hospitality of a laid back people, in awesome settings.

Cool Mandeville offers an almost temperate ambience in a tropical country. This vibrant town is steeped in history and is home to the oldest golf coast in the Caribbean. Springtime in Mandeville is reminiscent of an English garden with profuse flowering of blue Agapanthus and other lilies.

Make sure you visit the quaint country town of Black River, where you can tour the first home in Jamaica to have electricity. You can also take a ride up the river which gives the town its name, and view the spectacular flora and fauna of the area. Appleton Estate is a must see on any trip to the South Coast. Here you can  taste the different blends of Jamaican rum.

How about a visit to YS Falls – an attraction focused on protecting the environment for future generations. Or perhaps you simply want to sit with a fisherman or a farmer and experience life from a different perspective.

A visit to Treasure Beach will provide eclectic accommodations to inspire the artist within, plus restaurants that are attractions in themselves. Then there is breathtakingly beautiful Lovers’ Leap, a sheer drop where the Santa Cruz Mountains meet the Caribbean Sea.

Mandeville and the South Coast is the other side of Jamaica – just as beautiful, just as diverse, just as warm and welcoming.


Top 10 Adventures

  • Appleton Estate Tour
  • Day Trip to YS Falls
  • Gazing at Lover’s Leap
  • Golfing at Manchester CC
  • Hiking to Gourie Caves
  • Middle Quarters Shrimp
  • Photos at Bamboo Avenue
  • Relaxing at Milk River Spa
  • Safaris on the Black River
  • Snorkeling at Pelican Bar

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