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Jamaica’s National Symbols August 4, 2009

Jamaica's National Flag

Jamaica's National Flag

The Jamaica Flag

The national flag of Jamaica was established on the day when Jamaica attained its independence – August 6, 1962. with the design initiative taken by the bipartisan committee, the elements of the flag consist of three geometrical patterns. They include four triangles formed on a rectangular base by the intersection of the diagonals of the rectangle. The flag contains three colors including green and black pairs of opposite triangles and the diagonal lines filled with gold.

All the three colors have a significance attached to them. The golden diagonals symbolize the bright future and the richness of the country. The black color symbolizes the challenges that have been faced and will always be accepted by the country bravely. And the green color motivates the country to move ahead.


Jamaica's Coat of Arms

Jamaica's Coat of Arms

The Coat of Arms of Jamaica

The Coat of Arms of Jamaica is the emblem of the diverse culture of the country having a number of ethnic groups that make the existing population of the country. And this notion is basis of the written slogan – “Out of Many…One People”. A tribal man and a woman holding the edges of the symbol containing a red cross and a crocodile sitting on the extreme top is also symbolic of Jamaica’s national unity that exists in spite of varied cultures.


Jamaica's National Flower

Jamaica's National Flower

The National Flower of Jamaica

The National Flower of Jamaica belongs to a very beneficial tree, known as Lignum Vitae. This tree of Jamaica is extremely good for health as it is medically very useful. And because of such characteristics, this tree is popularly known as the ‘wood of life”.


Jamaica's National Bird

Jamaica's National Bird

The National Bird of Jamaica

The National Bird of Jamaica is a rare Humming Bird that is also called the “Doctor Bird”. The bird has a long tail, lovely feathers and amazing characteristics that make it all the more beautiful. And the most importantly, this bird can be found only in Jamaica and it has a special space in the hearts of the Jamaican people.


Janaica's National Fruit

Jamaica's National Fruit

The National Fruit of Jamaica

The name of Jamaica’s National Fruit is Ackee. It is annually grown in abundance and its production has increased over the years. Historically it was brought from West Africa and now it has achieved the status of Jamaica’s National Fruit, which is also referred as Jamaica’s edible crop.


Jamaica's National Tree

Jamaica's National Tree

The National Tree of Jamaica

Blue Manhoe is the National Tree of Jamaica and it symbolizes important contribution of timber made by if for the country’s exports.


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  1. Alonso Says:

    Jamaica land we love, but seriously I think that the Jamaican dish should be rice, peas and chicken the Sunday special. No matter where in Jamaica you come from rice, peas and chicken is the way to go. Great Blog Go Jamaica.

  2. Giras Panama Says:

    Your website is outstanding I will have to read it all, thank you for the diversion from my workload!

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    don’t quit as well as keep creating as a result it just that is worth to look through it,
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