Destination Jamaica

The Beautiful Island of Jamaica in Style…Once You Go, You Know!

Kingston July 10, 2009

Air Jamaica Airplane Tail near the Kingston Airport

Air Jamaica Airplane Tail near the Kingston Airport

Known as ” The Heartbeat of Jamaica”


Kingston, the capital of of Jamaica, goes at a much faster rhythm than the rest of the country. With the soaring blue mountains as a backdrop, it is undoubtedly the government, commercial and cultural center of the island.


Kingston is a mosaic of contrasts – the ancient and the avant-garde, the timeless and the trendy, the classic and the chic. Most importantly Kingston is also a survivor. Having overcome centuries of earthquakes, fires, floods and hurricanes, this strong metropolis deserves an award for determination and resilience.


Built over the span of three centuries, today’s Kingston blends old colonial structures with new, stylish high-rises. Old Kingston, the country’s commercial core, lies along the downtown waterfront, boasting high-rise office towers, industrial centers, galleries, the Supreme Court buildings, and the Jamaica Conference Center (the largest in the Caribbean Basin).


New Kingston took shape as the city spread north to higher ground. Hotels and financial centers emerged. Shopping and entertainment complexes developed. Government office moved to the area, and New Kingston became the place to be.

Top 10 Adventures

  • Art Viewing
  • Blue Mountain Hiking
  • Botanical Gardening
  • Caymanas Park Betting
  • Devon House Antiquing
  • Lime Cay Lazing
  • Marley Museum Browsing
  • Port Royal Exploring
  • Spanish Towning
  • Theater Going




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