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Milk River Bath Resort & Spa, Kingston Jamaica April 7, 2011

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Milk River Bath Resort and Spa

The orgins of the bath is very interesting, rooted in Jamaica’s slave history.

The story begins with a slave owned by a man named Jonathan Ludford.

He was beaten by his master and ran away into the forest .

The slave came upon the Milk River Bath and washed his wounds. The bath soothed his wounds and they began to heal.

Upon returning to the slave village his slave master agreed not punish him if he told him the location of the spring.

The area was then fenced off and this slave was given the duty to guard it. The property that the springs were on, were later willed to the government.

The Milk River baths in Jamaica is said to have one of the highest radioactivity levels of any mineral bath in the world.

Analysis of the mineral spring shows it is more radioactive than the leading European spas, Baden in Switzerland and Karlsbad in Austria.

The bath is reknowned for curing many ailments including – Sciatia, Lumbago, Gout and Liver disorders. The Milk River Bath has 6 public baths and a small hotel of 20 rooms.

The standard time for a baths is 15 minutes in one of the beautifully tiled rooms.

On the compounds you will also find a cocktail bar and restaurant serving some of the island’s wonderful Jamaican specialties.

The Milk River Bath spa is one of nature’s gift to us which should be explored whenever possible.



Spa Getaway at Sunset Heal Jamaica October 20, 2010

Spa candle at Sunset Heal Jamaica

Indulge in stress-melting spa treatments to ease your body and the mind. Deep relaxation happens when your senses respond to pleasurable stimulation, melting away tension and tightness to produce a healing state of contentment and peace.

Experience an oasis of relaxation and calm away from a stressful, toxic world. Sunset Heal Jamaica strive for a total sensory experience – using the basic senses as a guide to that magical condition of lightness, peace and clarity.

Isn’t it your time?

Yoga classes at Sunset Heal Jamaica

Call us at 310-722-3099 for your place in the Lemon Grass Spa TODAY!!!


Serenity Package:

Three (3) Night Stay for Two

Welcome Package

Lemon Grass Spa Signature Package which includes:

  • Aromatheraphy Steam Bath
  • Soft Scrub
  • Footbath
  • Swedish Massage

All Meals

House Wines and beverages

Round-trip Airport Transfers

Total Package cost is $1,528.00 for Two = ($764.00 each) – Airfare is additional

Beautiful Sunset at Sunset Heal Jamaica

Divine Getaway Package

Five (5) Night Stay for Two

Welcome Package

Lemon Grass Spa Signature Package which includes:

  • Aromatherapy Steam Bath
  • Soft Scrub
  • Footbath
  • Swedish Massage
  • Reiki Healing Session
  • Guided Tour to Roaring River Cave
  • Round-trip Airport Transfers
  • All Meals
  • House Wines and Beverages

Total Cost for package – $2,395.00 – ($1,197.50 per person) – Airfare is additional

Call us today at 310-722-3099 or email us at

Prices are good from travel November 1, 2010 – December 31, 2011


Fern Tree Spa at Half Moon Resort and Spa October 14, 2010

Fern Tree Spa Products

This wonderful display greets you in the lounge for Half Moon Resort and Spa  at the Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay, the smells and scents prepares you for what you will experience when you arrive at the resort which is only 15 minutes away from the airport. Aw, you can feel yourself begin to relax and release even before you leave the airport, amazing.

Over the water bungalow for massages and yoga

At Half Moon Resort and Spa, you can have your massage take place in the Sea Side Cabana for a small additional fee of only $35.00US .

Close your eyes and imagine laying on the soft massage table and you have the wonderful scent of the candles to fill the cabana but now you also have the sounds of the waves to lull you into a very peaceful state of mind.

Aw, I can just see it now, total peace and relaxation is what you will have while your Spa Specialist is releasing all the tension from your body.

Entrance sign to the Fern Tree Spa

Fern Tree Spa embraces the century old traditions from Jamaica by using ‘bush’ remedies to heal and nurture the body.

Traditionally, healing medicines using local indigenous ingredients such as fruits, herbs, flowers, bark and roots have been used, and at Fern Tree Spa they continue this wonderful tradition.

Fern Tree Spa employs a Spa Elder who is a natural extension of this healing tradition and this has become the foundation for the spa therapies and philosophy at Fern Tree Spa.

The Spa Elder has created healing rituals, natural products and recipes to improve health and well being, and deliver rejuvenating results.

Sophia - Massage Specialist at Fern Tree Spa

Sophia was my Fern Tree Body Therapist and I have to tell you she is one of the best at Fern Tree.  The massage that I received was one of the best massages I personally have ever had. She took her time to relax ever part of my body and the pressure was just right and her hands are perfect for the job she does.

Fern Tree Body Therapies focus on traditional Jamaican plant and herbal remedies in addition to innovative body care treatments.

When you leave Fern Tree Spa you will free 100% relaxed and rejuvenated, ready to deal with any and everything that comes your way.

Signature Foot bath at Fern Tree Spa

The Arrival Ritual…created for all Signature Treatments, guests are welcomed with a ceremonial foot bath.

You are escorted to a reception area to sit and relax, enjoy traditional Jamaican Bush tea and receive a foot bath infused with calming lavender water or rejuvenating nutmeg oil.

The foot bath really and truly gives you the feeling of being special. Sophia took her time to massage my feet and really pampered me with this treatment.

The scent coming from the water was very calming and enjoyable.

Couples Massage Room

The Couples Massage is a true gift to give yourself as a couple. Fern Tree Spa has a package called…Get Your Groove Back Couples Package…it consist of…a 50-minute Couples Massage, Soak for 2 (in the Get Your Groove Bath Double Tub) , Champagne for 2 and fresh fruit served to you while you soak together in the tub…heaven to say the least!

Spa Cottage at Fern Tree Spa

The Half Moon Spa Cottage offers a private refuge for spa guests  or couples.

The Spa Cottage can be used for specialized spa packages, couples services or reserved by the hour for a truly indulgent spa experience.

The Spa Cottage includes a private soaking tub, massage treatment area, relaxation area, patio with a outdoor hot tub and shower and it also gives you access to the spa pool.

To rent the Spa Cottage at Fern Tree Spa the rate is $250.0US per hour.

Waterfall and pool at Fern Tree Spa

So now that I have tempted you with just a very small portion of what you can experience when you book your vacation at Half Moon Resort and reserve your spa experience, it is time to give me a call at 310-722-3099 or send me a email at to get your getaway booked and secure….

Carter Elite Travel is a certified Half Moon Select Romance Specialist


Resort Spotlight: Sunset Heal Jamaica October 13, 2010

Sunset Heal Mountain Retreat and Spa

The Sunset Heal experience is about learning to live in, enjoying the moment and in so doing, creating a personal path to greater awareness that allow people to authentically connect to their life, meaning and purpose in different experiences.

These experiences invite one to achieve more awareness, join a community, based on the art of healthy, inspired living that encourages and create a “Life in Balance.”


Calming and relaxing on the Hilltop


The wonderful therapists will offer a variety of techniques to enhance rejuvenation and relaxation with some of the following:

* Massage Therapy

* Reiki

* Reflexology

* Aromatheraphy

*A-Cam Practice

* and so much more


One of the cottages at Sunset Heal Jamaica


The guides who will become your very own personal guide will take you :

* Hiking around Nine Springs

* Mountain biking

* Yoga

* Horseback riding

* Roaring River Cave Discovery

* Daily tours

* and many more waiting for your arrival


The view from the resort - Sunset Heal Jamaica


A visit to Sunset Heal Mountain Retreat and Spa is an experience that lasts a lifetime. Start planning your visit to Sunset Heal by calling Carter Elite Travel at 310-722-3099 or email us at

We have a 3 -Night Special in addition to a 5 -Night Getaway so give us a call TODAY !!!