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Milk River Bath Resort & Spa, Kingston Jamaica April 7, 2011

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Milk River Bath Resort and Spa

The orgins of the bath is very interesting, rooted in Jamaica’s slave history.

The story begins with a slave owned by a man named Jonathan Ludford.

He was beaten by his master and ran away into the forest .

The slave came upon the Milk River Bath and washed his wounds. The bath soothed his wounds and they began to heal.

Upon returning to the slave village his slave master agreed not punish him if he told him the location of the spring.

The area was then fenced off and this slave was given the duty to guard it. The property that the springs were on, were later willed to the government.

The Milk River baths in Jamaica is said to have one of the highest radioactivity levels of any mineral bath in the world.

Analysis of the mineral spring shows it is more radioactive than the leading European spas, Baden in Switzerland and Karlsbad in Austria.

The bath is reknowned for curing many ailments including – Sciatia, Lumbago, Gout and Liver disorders. The Milk River Bath has 6 public baths and a small hotel of 20 rooms.

The standard time for a baths is 15 minutes in one of the beautifully tiled rooms.

On the compounds you will also find a cocktail bar and restaurant serving some of the island’s wonderful Jamaican specialties.

The Milk River Bath spa is one of nature’s gift to us which should be explored whenever possible.



Top 10 Reasons to Vacation in Jamaica February 15, 2011

Beach in Jamaica


1. Jamaica is most famous for the sprawling luxury all inclusive resorts that flourish there and are a great option for newcomers to Jamaica.

2. Jamaica’s glistening white-sand beaches are one of the main reasons to take a trip.

3. Shopping is a good reason to visit Jamaica. Craft markets dot the entire island, featuring everything from art and specialty foods to unique Jamaican handicrafts. Tourists find duty-free goods like perfumes, watches, jewelry and designer clothes, as well as local crafts – all for good prices.

4. Water sports are prolific in Jamaica and visitors can indulge in various water related activities. They can choose from surfing, diving among the coral reefs, river rafting on Martha brae, and so on.

5. Jamaica is an excellent place to understand the culture of the Caribbean. It provides for a lot of historical sightseeing and there are many buildings on the island that’s till bear testimony to its colonial past.

6. Golfers will be delighted by the many wonderful courses, primarily in the Montego Bay area.

7. Jamaican cuisine is not for the faint of heart, it is piquant and sometimes very hot. However, with the influx of visitors, the locals have altered the traditional dishes to suit a wider palate. Most of the food is Caribbean in essence, however the national dish, Ackee and saltfish, is uniquely Jamaican.

8. Jamaica is a popular destination for weddings. The tropical climate and the exotic locale make for a very memorable location to exchange wedding vows.

9. Families will enjoy the many activities, great beaches, and many child-friendly resorts.

10. Nature lovers will be sure to be astounded at the variety and abundance of flora and fauna in Jamaica, as the island sits across a number of ecosystems. Jamaica is known for its bird-life in particular, with some of the most exotic colorful species adorning the many trees on the island.


Jamaica’s GoldenEye resort reopens after two-year refurb January 27, 2011

Golden Eye Cottage in Jamaica


GoldenEye Hotel & Resort on Jamaica’s north coast in the village of Oracabessa reopened Dec. 15 after a two-year renovation project.

The 52-acre property is the former home of author Ian Fleming, creator of James Bond.

Chris Blackwell, the founder of Island Records and the Island Outpost collection of five Jamaican properties, purchased GoldenEye in 1976.

The newly renovated resort now encompasses 22 units, including nine beach cottages, two lagoon cottages and six lagoon suites as well as Fleming’s original villa and four villas built by Blackwell.


Golden Eye Spa in Jamaica


Fleming first came to Jamaica during World War II, sent by British Naval Intelligence to investigate U-boat activities in the Caribbean. He bought the property on Oracabessa Bay and built his dream house, where he penned all 14 of his Bond novels.

His neighbor was English playwright Noel Coward, who built his clifftop retreat called Firefly next door. Over the years the two hideaways became a center for writers, musicians, Hollywood royalty and heads of state.

Blackwell preserved much of GoldenEye during the renovation. Fleming’s original writing desk still stands in his former villa, for example.

Still, significant changes have been made at GoldenEye, according to Jason Henzell, president of Island Outpost.

“We’ve added two new restaurants, sports and fitness activities,” Henzell said. “GoldenEye is no longer an all-inclusive resort. We want our guests to go off-property and sample the restaurants, fishing markets and rum shops in the town. We heavily support community tourism.”

The new accommodations offer contemporary Jamaican-style luxury while preserving the property’s original footprint and style.

The lagoon suites extend four feet over the water and include a private dock and a secluded garden with an outdoor lounge.

The one- and two-bedroom beach cottages open directly onto the sand.

With a nod to Blackwell’s history in the music industry, all units feature a sound system stocked with Island Records-produced music.

Complimentary WiFi is available throughout the property.

The Bizot Bar beach restaurant serves snacks and drinks on the sand; the Gazebo features an all-day lounge and serves dinner overlooking the lagoon and Low Cay beach below.

The new FieldSpa serves as the home base for the fitness and activity programs headed by Iona Wynter, an Olympic triathlete from Jamaica.

Rates start at $672 per night, double from Jan. 8 through April 30.

Ian Fleming Airport, an airstrip formerly called the Boscobel Aerodrome, will open on Jan. 12 and can accommodate up to six private jets and three smaller aircraft. The airport is 10 minutes from GoldenEye.


Jamaica’s National Hero’s Day – Third Monday in October October 18, 2010

Jamaica's National Flag


In Kingston, Jamaica, National Heroes Park contains a series of statues devoted to key figures in the country’s history, including independence leader Alexander Bustamente and pan-African crusader Marcus Garvey. As a way to honor the figures commemorated in this park, the Jamaican government has established National Heroes Day. The holiday officially replaced the celebration for Queen Elizabeth’s birthday, although she still receives military honors during ceremonies.

Kingston National Herors Park

The first group of national heroes was designated in 1965, the year of the centenary celebration of the 1865 Morant Bay Rebellion, a pivotal moment in the quest for independence from Great Britain. The first commemoration took place in 1968. As more heroes were added to the official list over subsequent years, National Heroes Day expanded to become National Heritage Week .

Monument for the Nanny of the Maroons

A typical ceremony held on the Monday that concludes Heritage Week is the National Heroes Day salute. Local parishes all over the island hold award ceremonies to honor community figures, while at National Heroes Park a main ceremony takes place that features a speech by a national leader, typically the prime minister.

Monument in honour of Samuel Sharpe

Jamaica Cultural Development Commission
3 Phoenix Ave.
Kingston, 10 Jamaica


Getting Married in Jamaica October 4, 2010

Seaside Wedding at Half Moon Resort in Montego Bay

A marriage in Jamaica is easy and legally recognized in the United States.

We will share some of the legal guidelines for getting married in Jamaica – be sure to give yourself plenty of time to prepare all of your documents, and work closely with not just me (your travel professional) but also the resort’s wedding coordinator to make sure everything is in order before the big day. We don’t want anything to disrupt your extra special day.

These requirements apply to American citizens;  if you are a citizen of another country, be sure to check with your country’s embassy for any special requirements you may need to get married in Jamaica.

Marriage License

Visitors can be married just 24 hours after arriving in Jamaica, providing prior arrangements has been made for a marriage license. The cost of a license if 4,000 Jamaican dollars (approximately US $60 – US $65).  To apply for your marriage license, call the Jamaican Ministry of Justice at 876-906-4923 ext 31 or email:

Required Documents

In order to get legally married by an officer recognized by the Jamaican government, the following documents should be sent via courier (example: FedEx) to your wedding coordinator at least four (4) weeks prior to your arrival in Jamaica:

* Proof of citizenship – certified copy of birth certificate, which includes father’s name

* Notarized copies of the bride and groom’s official ID (Passports)

* Proof of divorce if applicable (original certificate of divorce)

* Notarized copy of death certificate for widow or widower

* Parent’s written consent if under 18 years of age

When you are ready to plan your Wedding in Paradise on the beautiful island of Jamaica, give us a call at 310-722-3099 or email us at

Congratulations to you both


Jamaica aims to boost image May 31, 2010

The Island of Jamaica

As reported by Travel Weekly on May 31, 2010

The Jamaica Tourist Board plans to launch a campaign to bolster the destination’s image, which has been damaged by recent violence in sections of Kingston, where military and security forces have hunted for alleged drug lord Christopher “Dudus” Coke.

The operation resulted in the deaths of more than 50 civilians and some security personnel and was featured prominently on news and cable stations around the world.

The situation has eased and Jamaica’s police have regained control of Tivoli Gardens, the West Kingston ghetto where Coke has a loyal following.

John Lynch, director of tourism and chairman of the JTB, told Travel Weekly that cancellations in the resort areas of Montego Bay and Ocho Rios “have been a small percentage of our bookings.”

“We continue to advise of the distance between Kingston and the resort areas on the north coast,” he said. “Our travel partners are assuring us that bookings are remaining relatively stable with few cancellations.”

Kingston is approximately 62 miles from Ocho Rios and 112 miles from Montego Bay.

Although Lynch did not provide specific details on the new campaign or give a timeline as to when it would launch, he said that content would emphasize that the airports in both Kingston and Montego Bay are open and cruise ships have continued their schedules.

“The majority of the travelers and groups who have long-standing plans to visit Jamaica are still moving forward with their scheduled travels to Jamaica,” Lynch said.

The JTB “is communicating with our travel agents on a daily basis, who continue to reassure current and potential travelers to Jamaica that visitors have not been affected by the disturbance. Hoteliers advise that tourists are enjoying Jamaica’s attractions and facilities,” said Lynch.

Personal Thought: I have clients ( three young ladies celebrating their 30th Birthday)  that arrived on the island about 3 days after all the trouble started and I wanted to make sure they were okay, so I was in contact with them for the first three days they were on the island and they were having a ball. They returned home today (May31st) and they are already planning another visit to the island. This was their first time leaving the US and they are ready to return to Jamaica alread!

I enjoy traveling to Jamaica and will always continue to travel and vacation on this beautiful island. The people, the vibes, the food and the history of a great people is what makes it a true love for me. Every country has problems and Jamaica is no different so that is why I will continue to support this great country of beautiful loving people. Like the saying says:

Jamaica Once you go You Know


Morgan’s Harbor January 14, 2010

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Welcome mat at Morgan's Harbor

Welcome mat at Morgan's Harbor

 This Kingston Jamaica hotel is aptly described as the old meeting the new between the galleria of Port Royal and the Kingston docks. The Morgan’s Harbour hotel guests are already in full view of the old cannon standing guard in the Jamaican hotel with a façade preserving the historic appeal in the way that only fine red brick can, you can see the reception area.

The Captain is waiting to welcome you to Morgan's Harbor

The Captain is waiting to welcome you to Morgan's Harbor

Reception area at Morgan's Harbor

Reception area at Morgan's Harbor

Room 117 at Morgan's Harbor

Room 117 at Morgan's Harbor

Bed in room 117 at Morgan's Harbor

Bed in room 117 at Morgan's Harbor

Entertainment area in room 117 at Morgan's Harbor

Entertainment area in room 117 at Morgan's Harbor

Lamp in room 117 at Morgan's Harbor

Lamp in room 117 at Morgan's Harbor

Main pool at Morgan's Harbor

Main pool at Morgan's Harbor

Decor around Morgan's Harbor

Decor around Morgan's Harbor

The Morgan’s Harbor  hotel has also gone into gaming in its varied forms of Roulette, Royal Ascot Horse Racing and the familiar Slot Machines, using the apt title of Pirates’ Gold. The newly opened Old Goal Gaming Lounge is located in the eastern end of the property. Patrons 18 years and over are welcome seven days a week, from 12 noon until the last patron leaves. Complimentary hors d’oeuvres and beverages are served as a matter of course.
The bay at Morgan’s Harbor,  Hotel Port Royal will excite the palate, lift the spirits, and invigorate the senses. The ideal spot for yacht travelers, Morgan’s Harbor hotel offers  travelers space in their marina. The Jamaican hotel was once in colonial style hotel has recently renovated to ensure visitors with a maximized level of comfort and simplicity. The  hotel is located on the Palisadoes peninsula, with a breath taking view. The Jamaican hotel overlooks the Blue Mountains and the well known Harbor.