Destination Jamaica

The Beautiful Island of Jamaica in Style…Once You Go, You Know!

Resort Spotlight: Sunset Heal Jamaica October 13, 2010

Sunset Heal Mountain Retreat and Spa

The Sunset Heal experience is about learning to live in, enjoying the moment and in so doing, creating a personal path to greater awareness that allow people to authentically connect to their life, meaning and purpose in different experiences.

These experiences invite one to achieve more awareness, join a community, based on the art of healthy, inspired living that encourages and create a “Life in Balance.”


Calming and relaxing on the Hilltop


The wonderful therapists will offer a variety of techniques to enhance rejuvenation and relaxation with some of the following:

* Massage Therapy

* Reiki

* Reflexology

* Aromatheraphy

*A-Cam Practice

* and so much more


One of the cottages at Sunset Heal Jamaica


The guides who will become your very own personal guide will take you :

* Hiking around Nine Springs

* Mountain biking

* Yoga

* Horseback riding

* Roaring River Cave Discovery

* Daily tours

* and many more waiting for your arrival


The view from the resort - Sunset Heal Jamaica


A visit to Sunset Heal Mountain Retreat and Spa is an experience that lasts a lifetime. Start planning your visit to Sunset Heal by calling Carter Elite Travel at 310-722-3099 or email us at

We have a 3 -Night Special in addition to a 5 -Night Getaway so give us a call TODAY !!!


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