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Recipe: Red Stripe Chicken October 16, 2009

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Red Stripe Chicken

Red Stripe Chicken

Ingredients :

  • ¼ cup vegetable oil
  • 3 pounds  chicken
  • 2 cups canned coconut milk/cream
  • 1 cup Red Stripe beer 
  • 1 Large onion (chopped)
  • 1 large green bell pepper
  • Salt and pepper


  1. Cut the chicken into serving pieces
  2. De-deseed green bell pepper and chop up onion
  3. Heat vegetable oil in Dutch pot
  4. Brown the chicken in oil (both sides)
  5. Remove the chicken
  6. Pour off some of the oil.
  7. Leave 2 table spoon of oil in the pot
  8. Return the chicken to the pot
  9. Add the coconut milk and red strip beer
  10. Once the pot is boiling reduce to heat to a simmer
  11. Cook for 30 minutes
  12. Add  onion, bell pepper
  13. Add salt and pepper to taste
  14. Let simmer for 15-20 minutes as the liquid reduces and thickens.
  15. If the liquid evaporates before the chicken is done replenish more Red Stripe beer.
  16. Serve while hot
  17. Serving size 4-6

19 Responses to “Recipe: Red Stripe Chicken”

  1. danakennedy Says:

    This recipe definitely looks like a keeper! I’ll be trying it soon.

  2. Pretty Project Says:

    This sounds really good and somewhat healthy! Thanks! 🙂

  3. Joe Jeffries Says:

    Looks like I’ve found what I’ll be eating tonight 🙂

    All the best,


  4. SallyK Says:

    I can hardly wait for my husband to make this for me! Looks delish… North Coast Muse

  5. josh06 Says:

    i like this

  6. msbutterton Says:

    Yummy – thanks for posting!


  7. Working Tax Credit Says:

    You can never have too many ways to cook chicken.

  8. Ashley Says:

    OMG..delicious, mouthwatering, scrumptious..only a few of the words that come to mind when looking at this dish. I will for sure have to try this and let you know how it works out….YUMMMMMMMY!!!

  9. Jessica Says:

    That looks AMAZING!! Must try it (that was my stomach speaking…it doesn’t do full sentences).

  10. adendut96 Says:


    i LiKe tHiS…

  11. Jaamin Says:

    Uuum looks delicious

  12. belle.toy Says:

    Oh wow that looks scrumptious, I may try to cook it!

  13. sunny Says:

    interesting food.
    is it good??

  14. Propolis Spray Says:

    I like this post!

  15. Corve DaCosta Says:

    So glad to see a recipe like this with a Jamaican product.

  16. Walter Says:

    It sounds truly scrumptious. I would suspect some Frank’s Hot Sauce would go good with it too. 🙂

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