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Wear the Jamaican Colors on August 6th !!! August 4, 2009

Jamaican Flag

Jamaican Flag

Jamaica’s Indepence Day – August 6th !

Join Jamaicans all over the globe and show your support for Jamaica on our Independence Day (August 6th) by wearing clothing/shoes with the colors of the Jamaican flag, Green, Black and Gold (Yellow).


We are aiming for people all over world to wear Green, Black and Yellow for this celebration every year. Jamaica has influenced the world with our food, music and culture. Join millions of people all over the world in this symbolic celebration and let them know it is Jamaica Independence Day.


Each color in the flag is symbolic: the black stands for hardship, the green for both hope and the fertile land, and the gold for wealth and sunshine.


(Original) The flag’s original symbolism is “Hardships there are, but the Land is green and the Sun shineth.”


New Symbolism as of 1996 – Hardships there are but the land is green and the sun shineth” is the symbolism of the Flag. Black symbolizes the strength and creativity of the Jamaican people ; Gold, for natural wealth and beauty of sunlight; and Green stands for hope and agricultural resources.


Spread the word and don’t forget to wear Yuh Colors on August 6th, Jamaica’s Independence Day!!!


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