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I & I Bob Marley July 3, 2009

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Cover of the book I & I Bob Marley written by Tony Medina

Cover of the book I & I Bob Marley written by Tony Medina

Born in the Jamaican countryside in 1945, Bob Marley seemed special from birth. The curious, intutive boy has an extraordinary gift for absorbing and interpreting the world around him.

Influenced by his biracial heritage, his island home, and the injustices he observed in everyday life, Bob went on to become a musican and messenger; a poet adn prophet of reggae culture. His music echoed from Jamaica all the way across the globe, speading his heartfelt message of peace, love and equality to everyone who heard his songs.

Brimming with imagination and insight, I and I Bob Marley, is a multifaceted tribute beftting this international musical legend. Soulful, sun-drenched paintings transport readers to Bob Marley’s Jamaica, while uniquely perceptive poems bring to life this fascinating journey from boy to icon.

Hannah E.

Marketing and Publicity Associate for Lee & Low Books, Inc says : “this is one of her personal favorites books about Bob Marley and the wonderful island of Jamaica.”

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Book ID #978-1-60060-257-3 , it sales for $19.95 and is good for ages 8 and up