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Jamaica Farewell – Play Review June 23, 2009

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Jamaica Farewell  – Featuring Debra Ehrardt


I have to tell you, this is a must see play that is sweeping across the US!

Jamaica Farewell is a one-woman show that Debra performs for a straight hour and a half without a break, and believe me she takes you on a emotional ride, one minute you are laughing, cheering and the next you are crying and hoping along with her.

Debra takes you on a wonderful and emotional journey as she shares her dreams of coming to America and all that she went through in order to see her dreams come true.

She makes the play exciting, funny and powerful as we take the journey with her from the age of 7 until today.

Everyone thought she was crazy to even dream of coming to the US but she was determined to come and she refuse to allow anyone or anything to stop her.

I would say to everyone, this is a play that everyone who loves Jamaica must see and you will truly enjoy it from the moment she steps on stage and take you on her journey.

I saw this great play on Saturday June 20, 2009 at the Santa Monica Playhouse and it was a joy to see.

For more information about Debra and her wonderful play, visit




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