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Meet the People Program in Jamaica June 12, 2009

Hammock at Breezes Montego Bay

Hammock at Breezes Montego Bay

This is a wonderful program brought to you by: The Jamaica Tourist Board
Share in the Jamaican Experience
What better way to experience the culture of a nation than through its people? For travellers seeking insight into the Jamaican experience and the warm welcome of a Jamaican friend, the island’s Meet the People Program provides an ideal option.
Launched in 1968 by the Jamaica Tourist Board (better known as the JTB), the Meet the People Program reaches out to visitors curious to explore the culture of  this vibrant Caribbean island, taking them beyond the traditional resort and beach setting into the colorful realm of Jamaica’s lifestyle, traditions and customs.
View from the top of Strawberry Hill

View from the top of Strawberry Hill

An Enriching Experience of Hospitality
Visitors wishing to take part in the Meet the People Program are teamed up with Jamaican hosts or volunteers who share a common profession, hobby or interest, free of charge. In true Jamaican fashion, these volunteers offer a hand of friendship and hospitality to visitors who genuinely want to know Jamaicans and the Jamaican way of life.
Meet the People Program allows the visitor to meet a Jamaican who can enhance their enjoyment of the real Jamaica. Guests may get to meet a family or know a fellow musician, doctor, photographer, nurse, teacher or artist, or participate in a wide range of activities, such as hiking, shopping at a local craft or food market, visit a church, tour a facility or have a chat over Jamaica’s famous Blue Mountain Coffee.
Beautiful Oceanview in Montego Bay

Beautiful Oceanview in Montego Bay

Whatever the focus, these activities are uniquely Jamaican, providing an island experience that only locals can create, and a pathway to the unique aspects of Jamaica’s rich endearing heritage in people, culture, music, cuisine and natural landscape. The Jamaica Tourist Board will make all the arrangements for you to participate in the Meet the People Program!  Once you have confirmed your accommodations and your travel dates, simply sign up online. We are waiting to welcome you!
What many vacationers love most about Jamaica is the warmth of our people. Which is why you are invited to join our Meet the People Program. Meet the People is made possible by ther generosity of Jamaicans eager to welcome you to our country and delighted to share with your the sounds and sights or our island paradise.
Remember it’s our treat…so sign up today!

2 Responses to “Meet the People Program in Jamaica”

  1. LovelyLua Says:

    Wow Lula…this program seems neat. It’s great that the JTB is making efforts to put forth such programs that give visitors a real taste of the culture.

    • carter8613 Says:


      I would recommend this program that really wants to experience Jamaica from a jamaican’s point of view. You can learn so much from the wonderful people on the island when you interact with them.

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