Destination Jamaica

The Beautiful Island of Jamaica in Style…Once You Go, You Know!

Outameni Experience June 10, 2009

Outameni Experience Entrance

Outameni Experience Entrance

 Travel through the many eras of Jamaica’s rich culture and gain a first hand feel of the Jamaican experience…from the Taino Indians to Rasta Today.


This attraction is one of the BEST ways to truly learn the history and culture of Jamaica. It lasted about 90 minutes from start to finish but I have to tell you that I did not want it to end. It took us from the very first people that landed on Jamaica up to the Jamaica we are so honored to share today.




Outameni Guide and Character

Outameni Guide and Character

Explore a Taino cave and communicate with thier gods. Worship in a Spanish church then get seduced by a Flamenco dancer. Africa comes alive as you dance in a spiritual trance.

 Visit an English town square and text your skills in the Maypole whirl, (this was really fun). Get mesmerized by Indian tradtional architecture of the Tazia then visit a picturesque Chinese shop where time stands still. 

Taino Indians

Taino Indians


And if that is not enough, lose yourself in a real reggae dance session where music will send your pulse racing and your hips swaying before you end up at the beach for a beach party! 

Jamaica Today Mural

Jamaica Today Mural


The Outameni Experience will take you away and make you a Jamaican for a day. The cost of the attraction include food sampling and a complimentary drink. You can also take home some elements of your experience by visiting the Outameni Experience Gift Shop.

This attraction is less than a hour from Ocho Rios or Montego Bay in the town of Coopers Pen, Trelawy, Jamaica. 


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